Ellsworth Elementary

Ellsworth Elementary Egg-citing Experiment

Ellsworth Elementary students were on a mission to build, engineer and design a container that would protect an egg from breaking when dropped from the roof of the school. Second graders in Ms. Kelly Bond’s class learned about gravity, how heavy items fall faster back down to Earth when starting in the air.

After several science lessons, the students talked about materials they would need in order to complete the mission safely. Once students had the materials in mind, they were sent off to design their containers. Several groups kept in mind that lighter items would fall slower, which would hopefully save their egg. Groups were given about two hours to engineer their project. Students had to provide facts on why they believed their egg would survive or break.

One by one the containers were dropped down to the ground. At the end of the experiment, six eggs broke and six eggs survived. Upon returning to class, the students had great discussions about why they thought their egg broke or why it survived. This project taught students not only about science but also about working together in a group to accomplish a goal.

Submitted by Kelly Bond, Teacher


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