13 yr old San Tan Valley Resident Has Hopes of Playing on the Stanford Univ Tennis Team Featured

Brandon Atkins Brandon Atkins

Many San Tan Valley families have children who are involved in sports.  Some like football, baseball or basketball.  Some like soccer, swimming or golf.  Brandon Atkins however has found that he excels in tennis and his family couldn't be more proud.

The Atkins are Johnson Ranch residents and their son, Brandon Atkins attends Basha High School in Chandler.  As a 13 year old freshman, he plays the #2 Varsity position for the tennis team.  Many children start playing sports when they are elementary school age and have played for many years before getting into high school.

Brandon however has only been playing tennis for about 11 months and has learned how to not only play the game, but excel at it.  He played the #1 position for the Freshman team after only playing for a few months and conversations on and off the court are about how Brandon just might be the youngest Varsity player competing in any of the Division 1 schools this year.

Having played in 5 consecutive NET Tournaments (over the last 5 months) hosted by the Gene Autry Tennis Center in Mesa, AZ, Brandon won all 5.  His father, Stephen Atkins, believes that Brandon is on his way to being one of the top Division 1 players over the next several years and definitely one to watch.

In addition to excelling on the tennis court, Brandon is also a straight "A "student currently taking all Honors and AP classes with a goal of attending Stanford University with hopes of making their tennis team.


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