Local 14 year old Brandon Atkins ranked 26th in Arizona's Top 100 Sophomores by TRN Featured

Brandon Atkins Brandon Atkins

Back in March, we wrote a story about a local 13 year old boy, Brandon Atkins, with hopes of playing on the Stanford University Tennis Team.  We were able to reconnect with Brandon and his family and wanted to share that Brandon is still working hard, every day, to reach his dream.

As one of the youngest Varsity players competing in any of the Division 1 schools, Brandon, a 13 year old Freshman had a lot to prove.  Having only played tennis for less than a year, not many expected Brandon to win any matches, but with hard work and determination Brandon won half of his 24 Varsity matches and held on to his #2 Varsity spot.

As a student who is not only committed to tennis, Brandon is also committed to his school work.  When Brandon made All-State this year, he chose not to play in the tournament as it would have required him to miss school in order to participate.  Committing to both his academics and athletics, Brandon is determined to go to Stanford and he knows that he needs to excel in all things, to make that dream come true.

In April 2013, Brandon turned 14 and became a member of the United States Tennis Association (USTA). The USTA is the largest sanctioned tournament organization in the country and ranks its members according to tournament performance and age groups. Brandon is currently the only San Tan Valley resident in the USTA and is making quite a name for himself.

Here are a few of Brandon's USTA tournament results for June:

  • "Winner" of the June 2013 USTA Central Arizona Junior Super Set #8 L6 Boys' 14s
  • "Finalist" in the June 2013 USTA Central Arizona Junior Super Set #9 L6 Boys' 14s (Highlight - Defeated the #1 Seed in the Semifinals).
  • "Finalist" in the June 2013 Dry Heat Junior Open L6 Boys' 14s

In addition to being ranked 58th in the Southwest, which includes players from AZ, NM, & TX, by the USTA, the Tennis Recruitment Network (T.R.N.) has Brandon ranked 26th in Arizona's Top 100 Sophomores. (TRN is an organization / site used primarily by college recruiters to find players to recruit.)

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