360 Department of Corrections Inmates are Returning to State Custody

The Arizona Department of Corrections notified Sheriff Paul Babeu that they are intending to deactivate the emergency contract for housing 360 of the department’s inmates in the Pinal County Jail.

Sheriff Babeu accepted 379 Department of Corrections prisoners in July 2015 after rioting at a private prison in Kingman, Ariz. made it necessary to relocate inmates. Since then, the PCSO jail has continually housed approximately 360 prisoners under the emergency contract. The Department of Corrections plans to take custody of their inmates at the end of this month.

Sheriff Babeu said, "We answered the emergency call to help the department after the Kingman riots last summer. We were able to accommodate the state prisoners and 100% of the costs were reimbursed by the State to Pinal County." He went on to say, "We enjoy a great professional relationship with the department and we always stand ready to assist our fellow law enforcement when they need help."


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