Deputies Find Infant in Filthy Home, Mother Arrested on Drug Charges, Child Neglect

Just after 10 p.m. on January 22, the PCSO 9-1-1 Communications Center received a call from a female screaming incoherently into the phone. The operator could also hear an infant crying in the background. Deputies were dispatched to 2558 E. Meadow Land Drive, San Tan Valley, to check the welfare of the female and infant.

An adult female, later identified as Dakoda Heiser, 21-years-old, met deputies at the door to the residence and refused to talk to the deputies or let them check on the welfare of the infant heard crying on the 9-1-1 call. She attempted to close the door so they could not get in the house. She was screaming and refusing to cooperate as deputies prevented her from closing the door. Deputies were forced to restrain the woman in handcuffs because she was banging her head against the wall and refused to stop screaming. During her rage, she screamed that her son was inside the house and demanded to see him. She also made suicidal threats. Paramedics were called to evaluate and treat the woman.

Deputies entered the house and found a two-month old infant male strapped in a car seat on a bed in the master bedroom. In the same bedroom, they also found a water bong, a clear glass pipe and a small quantity of an unknown narcotic drug.

Sheriff Paul Babeu said, “The deputies found deplorable conditions in the home where this infant was living. There were dog feces, empty alcohol containers, and evidence of drug use in the presence of the infant. We notified the Department of Child Services who were able to place the infant with a responsible family member. The mother was booked in to the Pinal County Jail on Drug and Neglect charges.


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