Britax, Product Recall

Britax recalls infant car seats, strollers, top seats

Britax is recalling infant car seats because of a fall hazard, and strollers and replacement top seats because of a choking hazard.

"Products intended to help parents care for their children must be designed and manufactured to withstand daily use, period,” said Elliot F. Kaye, chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. "I urge consumers to take immediate action and contact Britax to get the free fix that addresses the danger with the carry handle on the recalled Britax infant car seats.”

About 71,000 of the recalled car seats - Britax B-Safe 35 and B-Safe Elite infant car seats and travel systems - were sold in the United States, the CPSC said Thursday in an alert. Additionally, 3,900 units were sold in Canada and 990 in Mexico.

Britax advised consumers to stop carrying the car seat by the handle until the repair is installed. The company said the car seat carry handle can crack and break, allowing the seat to fall unexpectedly.

Consumers who registered their product with Britax will automatically receive a free repair kit, and others can receive a repair kit or verify registration by visiting

The company said one infant reportedly received a bump on the head when the carrier fell to the ground and the company has received reports of 784 handles developing cracks or breaking while in use.

The car seats were sold nationwide at stores including Babies 'R' Us, Buybuy Baby and Target as well as online at sites including and from November 2014 through January 2016 for between $210 and $250.

The recalled infant car seats and travel systems:

  • B-Safe 35 model numbers: E9LU65M, E9LU65P, E9LU63F, E9LU66R, E9LS63F,
  • EXLU65M, E9LV15M, E9LV15P, E9LV13F
  • B-Safe 35 Elite: E9LS55T, E9LS56P, E9LS55U, E9LS66C, E9LS65U
  • B-Safe 35 Travel System: S914900, S915400, S915200, S921900, S01635200, S914300, S914700, S914500

About 49,000 of the recalled Britax B-Ready strollers, which present a choking hazard, were sold in the US and 11,000 in Canada, a CPSC alert said.

If a child bites the arm bar, the company said the foam padding on the bar can come off in fragments. Five children have choked or gagged or foam fragments, and 117 reports the company received noted that children had bitten the arm foam padding.

Britax advised consumers to remove the arm bar from the strollers and the replacement top seats and get in touch with Britax for a free, black, zippered arm bar cover.

The strollers were sold nationwide for about $150 at stores including Babies 'R' Us, Buybuy Baby and Target, and online sites including and from April 2010 through January 2016. Britax sold the replacement top seats from April 2010 through January 2016 for about $150.

The recalled Britax strollers and replacement top seats:

  • Strollers: U281767, U281768, U281771, U281772, U281773, U281774, U281784, U281792, U281793, U281794, U281795, U281796, U281797
  • Replacement top seats: S845600, S845700, S845800, S845900, S855000, S855100, S856600, S870200, S870300, S870600

Consumers can get in touch with Britax at 800-683-2045 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The company's site is


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