J.O. Combs Unified

Combs Traditional Academy Utilizes Google Classroom

In the spring of 2015, J.O. Combs Unified School District made the conversion to Google Apps for Education. Teachers were fortunate to be inspired by Google's evangelist, Jamie Cassip, in July, prior to students returning to school. One of the exciting innovations brought onboard through Google Apps...

Pinal County News

PCSO & PCAO Request Dismissal of ACLU Lawsuit Challenging Forfeiture Statutes

The Pinal County Attorney’s Office and Pinal County Sheriff’s Office request a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. The lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of Arizona’s Civil Asset Forfeiture laws. ...

Arizona News

State General Counsel Bret Parke Named ADEQ Deputy Director

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality announced today the appointment of Bret Parke, currently General Counsel for the state’s Department of Administration, as the agency’s deputy director. In his new capacity, Mr. Parke will serve as chief of staff to ADEQ Director Misael Cabrera and over...

Tech & Gadgets

DISH Network No Longer Carrying NBC

Shocking news tonight as NBC is no longer available on DISH.  Below is a message released by local NBC station 12 NEWS.  For those looking to move to DirecTV, there is a $100 discount code below. ...

San Tan Valley News

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Breaks Ground on New Taxiway; Helps Airlines Increase Efficiency and Benefits Passengers

The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Authority today broke ground and began construction on a 3,610’ by 75-feet-wide taxiway extension that will improve air traffic flow, expand capacity and reduce delays for passengers. ...

Pinal County News

Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court Now Mobile Friendly

Bringing the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court (COSC) into the 21st Century is an unwavering goal of Clerk Amanda Stanford. “Smartphones are here to stay,” said Clerk Stanford, “and we need to understand that our customers no longer want to find a computer to get information from my office.”...

Traffic Alerts

Pavement Preservation Project On Ironwood Gantzel Starts Oct 12th

A pavement preservation project on Ironwood/Gantzel Road will begin on October 12th. Due to possible lane restrictions delays will be anticipated.

Roadway Improvement Work On Gantzel Road

Roadway improvement work will take place on Gantzel Road near Combs Road intersection beginning September 29th. The project is scheduled to take approximately one month to complete.

Prep Work Beginning for Phase 3 of Hunt Highway Improvement Project

Pinal County Public Works is alerting drivers along Hunt Highway that Johnson Utilities will be working on a reclamation line replacement between Stone Creek Drive and Bella Vista Road.

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Letters to Editor

Should Sheriff Paul Babeu Resign to Run for Congress?

The triple-x-rated political circus is back in town. Pinal County’s narciss...

Johnson Utilities Thinks We're A Dangerous Faction?!

Now we are being called a dangerous faction? In this month's utility bill,...


RISE believes that most individuals, no matter how ...
RISE is a nonprofit organization that specializes ...
Queen Creek
PURPOSE: To provide a high level of consistent ...
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Area Info

Alarm System Ordinance

The Alarm System Ordinance is meant to regulate the amount of False Alarms throughout Pinal County. The ordinance was implemented January 1, 2003. All security alarm users are required to obtain an Alarm Permit, which costs $10. These Permits are re...

Important Area Phone Numbers

Below is a list of Frequently Used Telephone Numbers.  Be sure to check out the San Tan Valley Business Directory to find hundreds of businesses and services located here. ...

How to start a Retail/Commercial Business in San Tan Valley

Pinal County does not require a business license for businesses in San Tan Valley, an unincorporated part of the county. ...

Census 2010 - San Tan Valley

After the northeastern unincorporated section of Pinal County became known as San Tan Valley, the area was included for the first time as a census designated area in the 2010 census. ...

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