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Update on “Sharing The Trails” Symposium

Update on “Sharing The Trails” Symposium
Update on “Sharing The Trails” Symposium

Calling all trails enthusiasts! Please join us for the “Sharing the Trails” symposium to be held Nov. 2-4, 2018, at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, 11111 N. 7th Street in Phoenix, Arizona. This conference is being hosted by the Arizona Horse Council in conjunction with its sister non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Arizona Horse Council Education and Research Corp., and is intended for all non-motorized and motorized trail users.

If you participate in a trail group or are an avid trail user, this conference has something for you. Following are just a few of the topics that will be highlighted.

Two important issues that affect all trail users are legislation and funding for trails. Learn about the nuts and bolts of legislation and how a law gets passed. Learn how your group can successfully work with and influence legislators. Learn from the experts about successful grant writing and what makes a grant application stand out.


Another important topic is how to work with land managers such as the U.S. Forest Service and the federal Bureau of Land Management. Presentations by land managers will show what is involved in creating a trail on public lands, what steps are involved in implementation and design, and what types of rules and laws with which the managing agencies must comply.

There will be presentations that address resolving trail issues, trail stewardship programs and developing trail partnerships to build a strong, united trails community. Other sessions will focus on the latest in trail development and design. There will also be sessions aimed at the particular interests of each user group.

Whether you are a horse owner or not, the issue of wild horses and how they should be managed is a controversial one. For a real life example of what works and what does not, see how the Heber Wild Horse Territory collaborative working group is working with the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest on a management program for the Heber wild horses.

Also, see how the innovative law enforcement training program developed by the Arizona Horse Council is being used as a model for other states. This program not only trains officers to recognize equine neglect and abuse, but also provides them with the tools to develop a case that will stand up in court.

And, of course, the high note of Saturday’s program is keynote speaker Dr. Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin is a professor of animal science at the University of Colorado and is a leading expert on autism as well as animal communication. The author of numerous books and papers, as well as being the subject of popular 2010 movie that bears her name, Dr. Grandin will be speaking on working with animals in addressing autism. Also, a western cookout and dance is scheduled for Saturday evening.

Please join us on Nov. 2-4. The early bird price for registration is being extended through Oct. 1. Also, a one-day registration for Saturday is available. For more information on registration, the program itself, or sponsorship opportunities, please go to www.sharingthetrails.com. (This may come up as “Sharing The Trails Phoenix Arizona”).

The Arizona Horse Council is an official affiliate of the Washington, D.C.-based American Horse Council. The mission of the Arizona Horse Council is to protect and promote Arizona’s equestrian lifestyle. For more on the Arizona Horse Council, visit our website at www.arizonahorsecouncil.org.