Tragedy Hits FUSD -

Tragedy Hits FUSD

Tragedy Hits FUSD Again
Tragedy Hits FUSD

The Florence Unified School District and it's families have been hit with tragedy this week.  Not only did they lose Weston Ayers, a 15 year old Poston Butte Student, but they also lost an eleven year teacher at Skyline Ranch Elementary, Mrs Jil Bilsky.

"My heart breaks for them," said Avila Toro. "Her daughter is in my son's third grade class. She was was an amazing kindergarten teacher."

A gofundme account has been set up by members of the Skyline Ranch K-8 PTA & School Staff to help with expenses.

Message from the gofundme account:

"It is with a heavy heart and tears of sadness that I share with you the unexpected passing of one of our beloved teachers, Mrs. Bilsky. Many of our current students have had Mrs. Bilsky as a teacher and to all of you: we as Skyline Ranch Bulldog families are so sorry for Mrs. Bilsky's family, friends, and students loss. She had been teaching at Skyline Ranch School for 11 years. She loved teaching and spending time with her family. She has left behind her loving husband and 3rd grade daughter who also attends Skyline. Due to In the this terrible tragedy, we have decided as a community to start a gofund me page to help with medical and funeral expensives for Mrs. Bilsky's family. May God help this family and help mourn them through this difficult time. Hug your loved ones daily, and please keep her daughter Paige and her husband David in your thoughts. "