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Excessive gaming classified as a disorder

Excessive gaming classified as a disorder
Excessive gaming classified as a disorder

Video games are a part of our culture. It's a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow at a rapid rate. But there could be a downside in the form of excessive gaming.

We all know that one person who takes it a little too far when it comes to playing video games, spending hours if not days playing.

The World Health Organization says it's becoming such a problem that it will soon recognize "Gaming Disorder" as a disease.

WHO breaks it down as someone who puts gaming as their top priority and begins to pull away from a social life or slacking at a job or neglecting one's family.

The classification is just that. WHO is not offering ways to address the problem or how to treat it but does give some ideas on how to recognize it.

In Mesa, Arizona Gamers Lounge is a cool little place which has a variety of the latest games on PC and virtual reality.

Many here drop by to play for a couple of hours to blow of steam or just enjoy themselves.

One gamer, Miles Luna. says he can understand how it could be recognized as a real disorder. He battled with excessive gaming as a kid.

"There have been times when I've gone through withdrawals from not playing video games," he said.

Miles says he eventually got over it and says he's now created a proper balance where he doesn't play all the time.

The new disorder is set to be unveiled in January.