Smithson explains decision -

Smithson explains decision

Smithson explains decision

Since my appointment on Friday, May 11, 2012 to the position of County Supervisor by the Pinal County Board of Supervisors for the seven months remaining of that term, some have asked why I would leave the Apache Junction City Council for a short-term position at the county. The follow-up or implied question is whether I intend to run for the four-year position in the November election.

As I informed the board, I will not be a candidate for the regular term on the board in November, nor will I endorse any candidate for that office, to avoid any indication that an attempt is being made to influence that result. I had previously indicated to those urging me to run for County Supervisor that I was not interested in running for that position.

The temporary nature of the appointment was an important factor in the decision to make myself available for the appointment. Other factors include the opportunity to help the county prepare for a board of five members and to help address various issues affecting the county and other cities, including Apache Junction.

My hope is that the next seven months will constitute a brief leave from the City Council and that the citizens of Apache Junction will re-elect me in the spring of next year to the City Council, after having served them at the county level.

I will continue to keep current with the affairs of the city by watching City Council meetings on-line and in person and I will be available to residents of Apache Junction, as well as the rest of the district.

The most difficult part of the decision was that in accordance with state law, resignation from the Apache Junction City Council is required. I value the trust given me by the citizens of Apache Junction by electing me to the City Council, and my commitment to the citizens of Apache Junction remains unchanged.