Prop 416/417: A Boost For Pinal County Home Values, Jobs & Economy - Says Top Economist Jim Belfiore -

Prop 416/417: A Boost For Pinal County Home Values, Jobs & Economy - Says Top Economist Jim Belfiore

A Boost For Pinal County Home Values, Jobs, Economy Propositions 416 And 417 Will Be Says Top Economist Jim Belfiore
Prop 416/417: A Boost For Pinal County Home Values, Jobs & Economy - Says Top Economist Jim Belfiore

The infrastructure designed to solve Pinal County's lingering traffic issues will not only keep traffic moving, it will also bring more jobs to the area and improve home values.

That's according to respected Arizona real estate consultant Jim Belfiore who has more than 20 years' experience in real estate market research.

Yes votes on Propositions 416 and 417 would provide Pinal County with many new roads and freeways. Belfiore says that infrastructure will play a key role in bringing new companies to the area. The updated infrastructure allows goods and services to get where they need to be and commuters to more easily get to and from work.

Belfiore says the home values are likely to be positively affected, as well. For years the biggest challenge facing Pinal County residents has been contending with gridlock. These traffic problems not only impact the quality of life of the people who live in Pinal County, they can negatively affect property values.

Belfiore says the new roads and freeways as spelled out by Propositions 416 and 417 will help eliminate market pressures that have been keeping home values artificially low in Pinal County.

Belfiore said, "While home values have recovered from the Great Recession, the recovery is occurring at a faster place in areas where transportation infrastructure is being improved. Pinal County is long overdue for new infrastructure."

  • Projects in Propositions 416 and 417 include:
    A four-lane roadway in Casa Grande from Thornton Road to the west to the future North-South Parkway to the East, located near the City of Coolidge and connecting to Florence, San Tan Valley and Apache Junction/Gold Canyon.
  • A North-South Parkway between Apache Junction/Gold Canyon/San Tan Valley/Florence/Coolidge/Casa Grande and I-10. This 36 mile, north-south, four-lane highway between U.S. Highway 60 in Apache Junction would connect to the I-10 via the 14 mile corridor to Kortsen/Kleck Road south of Coolidge to Casa Grande.
  • Expansion of Highway 347 from four lanes to six lanes into Maricopa between the Pinal-Maricopa County line to the North, and the municipal boundary of the City of Maricopa to the south.
  • State Route 24 Parkway through San Tan Valley. A new four-lane east-west parkway between State Route 24 at Ironwood Road to the West, and the future alignment of the North-South Parkway to the East.
  • The "Casa Grande Connector," a 14 mile project that involves the widening of this road from two lanes to four lanes from I-10 to the West, located in the City of Casa Grande, to the North-South Parkway to the East connecting Coolidge and Florence and Apache Junction/Gold Canyon, through San Tan Valley.
  • Cordones Road in SaddleBrooke, a 1.5 mile long, north-south, two-lane minor arterial roadway facility to alleviate existing traffic concerns.
  • Smaller communities such as Eloy, Superior, Kearny, and Mammoth will see help too, amounting to some $6 million each for road projects of their own over the 20 year life of the half cent sales tax measure that will only cost the average household 24 cents a day.

For details on all the roads and freeways in the plan click here.