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Voyles' Email Warrants Response from Superior Court Judge McCarville

Voyles' Email Warrants Response from Superior Court Judge McCarville

An email sent from Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles has caused a bit of an uproar and warranted a response from Superior Court Judge McCarville.  

The email from Voyles in question, ended with “Recently, I spoke with our presiding judge, Judge McCarville. When broaching the topic, his response demonstrated adamant agreement that PCAO retains very high caliber attorneys. Although, ethically, he cannot endorse candidates running for office, he encouraged me to invite the public to contact him directly, if their concerns remain unresolved. To contact the Honorable Judge McCarville, please feel free to contact him at (520) 866-5417.

Judge McCarville released this statement in response to Voyles' comments.

A candidate for public office briefly referenced the name of Pinal County's Presiding Judge on a campaign website in a manner that some have construed as politically favorable to that candidate. The candidate, however, accurately noted that Judge McCarville was ethically prohibited from endorsing any candidate.

All judges are ethically prohibited from endorsing any candidate for election. Consistent with this ethical obligation, Judge McCarville has not endorsed any candidate, and he will not endorse any candidate.

As Presiding Judge of the Pinal County Superior Court, Judge McCarville seeks to maintain a positive relationship with all stakeholders in the justice system, while maintaining the independence and impartiality of the Court. Some of these stakeholders are elected officials. His work with these officials is for the purpose of improving the delivery of justice in our courts. It is a necessary part of good governance. For this reason, Judge McCarville will continue to work together with all elected officials who have a stake in the justice system, regardless of election results.

For more information regarding the judiciary and the limitations on political activities, please refer to the following documents:

Judicial Code of Conduct:

Judicial Code of Conduct for Employees: