Forese to seek Treasurer’s office -

Forese to seek Treasurer’s office

Forese to seek Treasurer’s office

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Tom Forese announced today that he will run for Arizona State Treasurer.

“The role of the Arizona Treasurer needs to be more than just growing the state’s nest egg and managing its money. If elected Arizona treasurer, I will bring a focus on job creation and driving investment to Arizona,” said Forese. “I have dedicated my career to doing that.” Forese, a conservative Republican who lives in Gilbert, is a successful businessman who entered politics to improve Arizona’s economy. A founder and former CEO of an education software company, Forese first ran for office in 2010, winning a seat in the Arizona House, where he served on the Appropriations Committee and as the chair of the Commerce Committee.

“Serving as Commerce chair opened my eyes to Arizona’s potential as an economic force in the global economy,” Forese said. “I was elected after our state lost more than 300,000 jobs in the recession. I had confidence we could do better, and we have. Now I would like to use the office of Treasurer to drive jobs and investment to Arizona.”

Forese was elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2014. The commission regulates utilities, railroads, telecommunications, investment securities, facilitates business formation and oversees the implementation of the new state equity crowd sharing investment program.

As a commissioner, Forese focuses his efforts on economic development, innovation and efficiency. His work includes creating a program to reduce the price of electricity for schools and put more money in school classrooms.

“I have been a constituent of Mr. Forese for more than six years”, said Gilbert resident Natalie Germaine. “He’s been responsive to the needs of his constituents and is a tireless promoter of Arizona’s economy. I know he will continue to fight for us as state Treasurer.” “Tom is always there for us,” said Ruben McBride, a farmer from Pima, Graham County. “While on the Corporation Commission, he has worked hard to ensure rural water companies, that farmers depend on, be solvent and fair with their customers.”

A resident of Gilbert, Forese and his wife, Casey, have four children: Jack, Maddie, Tommy and Allie.

The Commissioner is not required to step down and will continue with his full time role as a Corporation Commission member.