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Jacqueline Minto :: 2016 County Assessor Candidate

Jacqueline Minto :: 2016 County Assessor Candidate

Former Pinal County Chief Deputy Assessor resigned her position as Appraisal Manager for Coconino County to challenge the incumbent Assessor for his seat.

Jacqueline Minto, with a decade of assessment experience, entered the campaign late, but collected over 550 signatures to get her name on the ballot.

A resident of Pinal County since 2016, Jacqueline was employed by the Pinal County Assessor’s Office from 2007 until 2015. During her service in the Pinal County Assessor’s office she held several key positions including, Research and Equalization Manager, Personal Property Manager and Chief Deputy Assessor. Jacqueline has a Master’s degree in research and is a certified appraiser II (Arizona Department of Revenue). As Chief Deputy Assessor, she led the executive committee that successfully implemented an integrated computer assisted mass appraisal system (CAMA). This system is a benefit to both taxpayers and county staff. The system is currently not being used to its full capacity. Once elected she intends to address this as a priority.

Pinal County needs an Assessor that understands the systems, appraisal practices and how it can be used to its full potential. “When elected, I will make sure everyone, including taxpayers and staff, get the information and support they need.” Jacqueline believes that the next step forward for the Assessor’s Office is work to get Arizona on a single tax year cycle.

When asked why she resigned from the Pinal County Assessor Office she said, “I made the effort to work with the incumbent because I am dedicated to the Assessor’s Office and to Pinal County. I wanted to make sure the transition to a new administration after the election in 2012 went smoothly. I felt that I owed that to the property owners in Pinal County and to the Assessor’s staff. It was with a heavy heart that I left Pinal County in 2015, but I was uncomfortable with the decisions and policies that were being implemented.

Public service is my passion and I believe it is what I do best. I find public service rewarding because it’s a good fit with my values. I believe that honesty, integrity and communication are the cornerstones of any successful organization and I welcome the opportunity to work diligently for my community.”

Jacqueline has been happily married to Andrew for 27 years. They have three grown sons and two grandchildren. Their two older sons, live and work in Maricopa County with their families. Their youngest son, Connor, graduated from Florence High School and served in the United States Air Force. He currently lives at home and is attending Mesa Community College.

Election day is November 8, 2016. You can learn more about Jacqueline and her campaign by visiting www.minto4Assessor2016.com