Are you a registered voter in San Tan Valley? -

Are you a registered voter in San Tan Valley?

Are you a registered voter in San Tan Valley?

If you are a registered voter in San Tan Valley, your vote doesn't matter when voting for Justice of the Peace or Clerk of the Superior Court. Why? The incumbents won their primaries and there are no challengers in the general election.

The only "local" race you can make a difference in, is the race for Constable. For those registered voters who were here during the 2014 election cycle, San Tan Valley elected a person with a questionable past. That same person after taking office, was charged and convicted of a crime, ordered to take anger management classes, fined, and ultimately suspended from the office, after having thousands of complaints filed against him.

Since that time, the district has been redrawn, as approved by the Pinal County Board of Supervisors to reduce the number of justice courts from eight to six, and San Tan Valley has a new district, with two candidates fighting for the spot. One of those candidates is Louis Bacchi.

Louis Bacchi (who goes by Lou), believes it's time for a change. Born in Chicago, IL, Lou moved with his family to Arizona in 1960. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, he received his Bachelors Degree in Public Administration and went to work for the City of Phoenix until he retired in 2013.

Lou states that he has spent most of the election cycle trying to educate voters on the duties of the constable. His goal is to "return and maintain the confidence and most importantly the respect of the populace for the Constable in Justice Court District 1, by being honest, available, accountable and transparent."

Visit Bacchi's Facebook page for more information.

Lou Bacchi is running against Mal Osgood.