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Judy Novalsky
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Two of a kind

Speaking of making things worse, Sheriff Paul Babeu has refused to sign the “Resign to Run” resolution passed by the board of supervisors on April 4, 2012. He’s the only elected official in Pinal County who hasn’t signed the resolution which supports the federal law known as the Hatch Act. Maybe he won’t sign because he’s under investigation for possible violations of the Hatch Act and he continues to allow Chief Deputy Steve Henry and community relations Director Cheryl Chase to stay on the job and draw a hefty county paycheck while they run for county office.

The sheriff’s brother, Shaun, violated the law when he was running for judge in 2010. Remember? What a family (heavy sigh). Shaun finally resigned when his supervisors at the Department of Corrections forced the issue.   And the voters still elected him (I hope my grandson is reading this).

Cleaning up Pinal County

Sheriff Paul Babeu is the only Pinal County elected official whose office has destroyed over 6,000 emails that investigators would like to read as they inquire into his possible abuse of power and malfeasance of office.

He’s the only sheriff in Arizona who had his nude photos posted on gay dating websites.

He’s the only sheriff who was shacked up with a gay Mexican lover while he was sending his deputies out to chase other Mexicans nationals across the Sonoran desert.

Babeu is the only Pinal County official who is over his budget this fiscal year— $1.6 million and change.

He’s the only Pinal County official who has a backlog of employees suing him and the county for wrongful firings.

He has cost the county over a quarter of a million dollars just in salaries paid to employees on administrative leave, only one of which did not win their case on appeal.

Babeu is the only Arizona sheriff whose department is under investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Office of Special Counsel.

Repeatedly asked why he has not signed the board of supervisors’ resolution, Sheriff Babeu’s response was to finally send  The News a very short letter from Attorney General Tom Horne’s office dated in January offering an opinion that agreed with Babeu’s interpretation of the Hatch Act.

So, in another apparent first, Sheriff Babeu is the only Arizona Sheriff who takes campaign advice from Tom Horne, who himself is under investigation by the FBI for campaign irregularities.

Sheriff Babeu ran for office in 2008 on a platform to “Clean up Pinal County.” I’ve lived here almost forty years.

It’s been dirty, but it’s never been this dirty. Nor has it ever been this stunningly absurd.

Politicians like Paul Babeu, Steve Henry and Cheryl Chase are three good reasons why people should follow the news before stumbling into a voting booth.