The Difference Between Clean and Dirty Politics -

The Difference Between Clean and Dirty Politics

The Difference Between Clean and Dirty Politics

This is an election year and we are seeing more than our share of dirty politics.

What is the difference between clean and dirty politics?

Dirty politics involved libelous comments against a person’s character, intending to do harm, knowing the reader will not discern the truth with critical thinking.  

It’s not that the reader or listener cannot do critical thinking, it’s the fact he has never been taught.

Every person has a private life and it should remain private.  As the Bible states, “He who is without sin should cast the first stone.”

Dirty politics involves confabulation.  “I don’t know what the truth is therefore I’ll make something up,” which is often far from the truth.  This is most often caused by chronic imbibing in Spirits Fermenti.

A dirty incumbent politician will blame others for his mistakes.   He refuses to be responsible for anything especially refusing to stand up and take responsibility for his OWN actions.  He comes across as a victim rather than a “Causative” factor for events in his life.

Clean politics resembles a work evaluation.  Has that person done the job expected of him?  Has he exceeded expectations?  Has he done it with honesty and integrity?  How have our lives improved (or made worse) by this person’s actions?

When you, as a voter, make a judgment using statistics and facts, you are using clean politics.  Stay away from politicians who use dirty politics and the candidate who doesn’t know what truth is.

Let’s make this country an honorable place to live.