We've received a number of requests requesting information about different lots that seem to be preparing for construction in San Tan Valley.

We thought we'd take a moment to let everyone know what is and is not coming in so far.


**Hunt Highway next to Brakes Plus, across from Fry's

** Hunt Highway and Stonecreek Drive

** Northside of Combs, just east of Gantzel (next to AutoZone) 

**On Gary Road south of Walmart

**Northeast corner of Gantzel and Combs  [View initial plans here]

**South of Arizona Farms on the west side of Hunt Hwy **

**Southeast of Magma Butte Loop and Hunt Hwy**

**East side of Hunt Hwy, south of Bella Vista, behind Fry's** 

**West side of Gantzel, south of Pecan Creek Drive Road across from Dairy Queen**

**Northwest corner of Gantzel & Bella Vista**

**Ironwood & South of Ocotillo - **CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO**

Beginning discussions of a massive multi use master planned development to include a hotel, multi-family apartment units, up to 300,000 square feet of entertainment, dining, fitness and other retail uses with 50 acres of engineered, platted single-family residential lots all thoughtfully designed with lakes and 15 acres of open space.  More info here.


South of Golf Club Drive/Bella Vista on the west side of Hunt Hwy

Ironwood & Pecan Creek Drive



Is Home Depot coming?

In 2018 Home Depot placed 12.7 acres of their lot on the market for sale and many of us assumed they would not be building in San Tan Valley.  Well it looks like Home Depot's plans may be changing.  Home Depot and the County have been in discussions regarding building again.  They are building three new locations in Arizona, as well as remodeling two existing locations.  Will they finally decide to open one of those locations in San Tan Valley? Stay tuned for more information!

Is Costco building in San Tan Valley?

There has been no information released that Costco is considering San Tan Valley. Costco has very specific requirements and at this time we do not meet those requirements.  As of March 28, 2018 however Costco has opened discussion with a site planner to look into sites in or near Queen Creek, with the hopes of having a decision made by year end.  UPDATE: As of June 2021, the Town of Queen Creek has been promoting that Costco will be building at Ellsworth and Queen Creek Road, however Costco will not confirm this information.  In addition, there have been no land sales, applications or zoning requests/permits requested.  We'll let you know as soon as we learn more.

We'd also like your input

Behind the Urgent Care Extra, located at Gary & Empire (by Circle Cross) there is about 8,000 sq ft available for lease.  

The space will be broken down into smaller units for multiple ease tenants.  After speaking with the developers, they'd like to hear from YOU!  What you would like to see built there?  Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook here.

Remember the lots will be about 1500-2000 sq ft or so think more along the lines of small retail shops, boutiques, services, etc.